About Us

Pads in the industry since 2006 since his experience and knowledge with the beginning of 2010 in the lining manufacturing step Anadolu Balata first ATV, go-kart and eccentric presses pads started to produce progressive process used in industry different geometry and structure other pads production portfolio has the floor. In the process, the issue of its industrial friction materials, expertise and vision have accepted and all R & D, production and sales activity has sat on this perspective. From this perspective, the iron and steel industry, machinery industry, power plants, textile industry, construction machinery and motorcycle disc pads to the brake system used in industry, gears, pads, wedge pads, oval pads, lining plates are produced. 
    Market and non-automotive braking systems in the industry for many years the needs and problems of the sector by examining the highest quality, most affordable and competitive offers solutions. In this sector, as well as aftermarket pads to the first mounting system produces. First OEM installation experience, local HPP turbine manufacturer and a company with a manufacturing firm continues electromagnetic brake. OEM work in the coming period we aim to add to the speed and variety. 
  Anadolu Balata products produced in the human and environmental health damage is high, especially carcinogenic in developed countries and many years ago the use of prohibited primarily asbestos (asbestos), including lead, potassium titanate heavy metals, definitely do not use. High temperature and abrasion resistance in some products to boost high-tech synthetic fibers, which uses KEVLAR. 

VISION: The entire brake system used outside of the automotive industry to be a manufacturer of high quality and affordable shoes and priorities in this sector is to be sought and preferred brands. 

MISSION: Quality without compromising respect for all human without compromising our innovative, affordable and high quality products to produce. 

CUSTOMER POLICY: Customers are our benefactors. Our customers are satisfied with our products and our service, as long as we believe that we can sustain our existence. 

ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY: Our respect for the environment, respect for ourselves, our income, our respect for the world we live.



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